Japenese Vegtables  17 NIS

Cabbage, carrots, cucumber in a sweet Japanese marinade.


Miso Soup  22 NIS

Tofu cubes, scallions, and wakame seaweed.

Agedashi Tofu  36 NIS

Crunchy tofu cubes, scallions, grated ginger and radish,
nameko mushrooms, togarashi, and cilantro.


Tataki Salmon  56 NIS | Tuna  63 NIS

Slices of seared sashimi and tobiko accompanied by the chef's sauce.

Tartar Salmon On Rice  54 NIS

Salmon, avocado, asparagus, scallions, Japanese mayonnaise,
sesame oil, and chili with soy sauce.


Spring Roll Salmon  42 NIS

Rice paper with salmon tempura, bean noodles, Japanese mayonnaise,
carrots, mint leaves, cilantro, basil and peanuts served with Sum Tam sauce.


Spring Roll Tofu  37 NIS

Rice paper with tofu in panko, bean noodles, Japanese mayonnaise,
carrots, mint leaves, cilantro, basil and peanuts served with Sum Tam sauce.


Inari Mushrooms And Truffles  46 NIS

Fried soy dumplings filled with a mix of mushrooms, sushi rice
and scallions served with aioli truffle sauce and yozu.


Shrimps Tempura  44 NIS

5 pcs. of shrimp served on cabbage salad with sauce on the side.


Bun Salmon  48 NIS

Panko fried salmon, red and white cabbage, mint leaves,
cilantro, leek jelly, and peanut butter sauce. 2 PCS 

Bun Tofu  41 NIS

Panko fried tofu, mint leaves, scallions, and orange marmalade. 2 PCS


Osaka  59 NIS

6 pcs. tartar spicy tuna, Japanese radish (oshinko), tobiko,
and chili oil served on a bed of crunchy rice.



4 Steamed dumpling with a filling of your choice:

Chicken, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Soy-based Sauces (Thai Style) - 48 NIS

 Grouper, Mushrooms Truffles, Clear Fish Soup (Cream) - 48 NIS

 Shrimps, Crab Soup, Salmon Chunks, Distilled Butter - 48 NIS

 Mushrooms, Cabbage, Seasonal Veggies, Soy, Ginger - 48 NIS

salmon sushi

Baked Salmon  48 NIS

Baked salmon, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber,
wrapped in avocado with a glaze of teriyaki.

Toro Salmon  55 NIS

Avocado, cucumber, scallions, Japanese radish (oshinko),
spicy mayonnaise, tobiko, wrapped in salmon toro.

Salmon Skin  52 NIS

Salmon skin, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber,
wrapped in avocado, and salmon in a glaze of teriyaki.

Sweet Potato Salmon  52 NIS

Baked Salmon, sweet potato, Kanpyo (Japanese pumpkin), shitake mushroom,
wrapped in scorched salmon, spicy mayonnaise, and roasted almonds.

Lemon Salmon  52 NIS

Salmon, avocado, wrapped in salmon and lemon with miso sauce.

Cheese Roll  48 NIS

Salmon, cream cheese, scallions, avocado, wrapped in
salmon a drop of cream cheese, and tobiko.

Black Ninja  56 NIS

Salmon, shitake mushroom, Japanese mayonnaise,
chili oil, avocado, asparagus tempura, and tobiko.

Mushroom Crunch  54 NIS

Champignon mushroom tempura, salmon,
avocado, truffle aioli wrapped in tobiko.

Yakitori 47 NIS

Salmon maki with tempura coating - 6 pieces

on a skewer accompanied by spicy mayonnaise,

teriyaki, green onion and sesame.

Foigroll 79 NIS

Salmon avocado Japanese radish (oshinko)

wrapped in Salmon and Goose Liver

roasted in teriyaki with Japanese mayonnaise.

Sandwich Baked Salmon  51 NIS

Baked salmon, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, scallions, and tempura flakes.

Crunch Toast Sandwich  54 NIS

Salmon, Kampio (Japanese pumpkin), avocado, scallions, and cheese tempura.

Super Yan  72 NIS

Maki with salmon in tempura

with top tartar salmon avocado green onion japanese mayonnaise and chili oil.

tuna sushi

Tuna Jalapeno  59 NIS

Tuna, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, spicy chili, wrapped in tuna and wasabi peas.

Spicy Tuna  59 NIS

Tuna, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko, wrapped in tuna.

Beet Tuna  57 NIS

Red Tuna, spicy mayonnaise, and cucumber wrapped in beets.

Spicy Negi Tuna  59 NIS

Tartar spicy tuna, avocado, green onion wrapped in
seared white fish, and grated lime.

Sandwich Tuna  59 NIS

Red tuna, avocado, tamago, green onion, wrapped in tempura flakes.

Top Chili Roll  68 NIS

Red tuna, avocado Japanese mayonnaise, green onions, in a fried jalapeno shell.

musar sushi

Musariko  56 NIS

Whitefish, avocado, wrapped in white fish, Ponzu sauce, and pepper.

Boom Musar  56 NIS

Whitefish, spicy mayonnaise, scallions, and cucumber
wrapped in whitefish and lemon.

Whitefish Tempura  56 NIS

White fish tempura, spicy mayonnaise, scallions,
and avocado wrapped in tobiko.

shrimp sushi

Bonsai  49 NIS

Shrimp tempura, Fonzu sauce, scallions, avocado,
cucumber, wrapped in salmon- 5p. Futomaki.

Onagi  71 NIS

Shrimps tempura, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber
scallions, wrapped in avocado, and eel with teriyaki.

Shrimp Tempura  56 NIS

Spicy mayonnaise, scallions, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in tobiko.

All In Yan  61 NIS

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and shiitake
mushroom wrapped in salmon and red drum.

vegetarian sushi

Fresh  39 NIS

Sweet potato, Kampio (Japanese pumpkin), avocado wrapped in beets.

Sweet Roll  42 NIS

Sweet potato tempura, scallions, teriyaki,
avocado wrapped in roasted sesame seeds.

Tofuni  42 NIS

Tofu in panko, avocado, oshinko, Kampio, rapped in scallions.

Golden Roll  40 NIS

Cucumber, green onion, avocado, carrot in a tempura chip shell.

Hamutzi  40 NIS

Sweet potato, cucumber, scallions, wrapped in Lemon.

Sandwich Avocado  46 NIS

Scallions, Kampio, sweet potato tempura, avocado, wrapped in tempura flakes.

Yummy Yani  40 NIS

Avocado, kanpyo (Japanese pumpkin) and shiitake

in a sweet potato wrapper in tempura with teriyaki glaze and Japanese mayonnaise.


Nigiri Fugara  55 NIS

2 tuna nigiri, goose liver tataki, teriyaki sauce and scallions.

Nigiri Unagi  44 NIS

Nigiri eel seared in teriyaki.

Gonkan Spicy Tuna  47 NIS

2 pieces wrapped in salmon filled with spicy tuna,

black tobiko and green onions.

Tofuni  38 NIS

Tofu in panko, avocado, oshinko, Kampio, rapped in scallions.

Tataki Tuna  63 NIS

Sliced and seared sashimi tuna with tobiko and ponzu sauce.

Tataki Salmon  46 NIS

Sliced and seared sashimi salmon with tobiko and ponzu sauce.


Salmon  37 NIS

Salmon Toro  41 NIS

Tuna  48 NIS

Shrimp  26 NIS

Whitefish  37 NIS


Sweet Potato  28 NIS

Avocado  28 NIS

Tamago  16 NIS

Salmon  34 NIS

Whitefish  32 NIS

Tuna  39 NIS


Salmon, Avocado, Shitake  31 NIS

Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado  34 NIS

Shrimp Tempura, Salmon, Avocado, Tobiko And Yozu Sauce  41 NIS

 mix and match

Maki (Seaweed on the outside- 2 ingredients) - 36 NIS

Inside Out (Rice on the outside- 3 ingredients)- 42 NIS



Fish: Salmon - Red Tuna - Whitefish - Shrimp

Vegetables: Avocado – Cucumber – Shitke – Sweet Potato – Tamago – Scallions – Kampio – Oshinko – Carrot



Tempura flakes – 6 NIS /  Fry in Tempura – 9 NIS / Cream cheese – 7 NIS

Lemon, Avocado, Beets, Sweet potato – 11 NIS 


Single Combo  88 NIS

I/O roll salmon and avocado, I/O roll spicy tuna and cucumber, 2pcs. nigiri salmon


Double Combo  299 NIS

I/O roll salmon and avocado, Baked Salmon Sandwich,
I/O roll spicy tuna wrapped in tobiko, 3pcs white fish sashimi,
3pcs. salmon sashimi, 3pcs. tuna sashimi,
4pcs. nigari: tuna, salmon, whitefish, shrimp


Vegi Combo  89 NIS

Sandwich avocado- scallions, Kampio, sweet potato,
avocado, tempura flakes, I/O sweet potato, cucumber,
Kampio, and scallions + maki shiitake and scallions


Nigiri Combo 106 NIS

2pcs. salmon skin, 2pcs. salmon, 2pcs. tuna, 1pcs. white fish,
1pcs. tuna fugara, 1pcs. shrimp, 1pcs. sweet potato


Chirashi  86 NIS

Sushi rice, Nuri, Kampio, sesame seeds, Tamago,
scallions, tuna, white fish, salmon, shrimp, and caviar


Chirashi Salmon  86 NIS

Sushi rice, Nuri, Kampio, sesame seeds, Tamago, scallions, and salmon


Seaweed And Cucumber Salad  39 NIS

Wakama seaweed, cucumber, glass noodles, sprouts, small radish,
cherry tomatoes, roasted sesame seeds with sesame vinaigrette.


Roots Salad  44 NIS

Beets, carrots, cilantro, mint leaves, scallions, roasted peanuts,
wasabi peas, roasted sesame seeds with Ponzu sauce.


Japanese Coleslaw Salad  48 NIS

Red cabbage, white cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, ginger, scallions,
red bell pepper, cilantro, roasted peanuts, with peanut butter sauce and soured ginger.


Seviche Salad - 66 NIS

Salmon, Tuna, Red drum, Avocado, Cucumber, Chili,
Fried Rice Noodles, Apple, Peanut, Coriander, and Tinzo Sauce





Pad Thai  52 NIS

Glass noodles, white cabbage, carrots, scallions,
sprouts, palm sugar, tamarind, peanuts, cilantro, and lime.


Salmon Fresh Noodles  59 NIS

Salmon, egg noodles, crispy leek, basil, and almonds with red curry and coconut milk.

Add: Salmon - 16 NIS / Tofu - 10 NIS / Shrimp - 18 NIS

Sushi bites

Gunkan Caviar  36 NIS

2pcs. rapped in salmon, caviar on top, and ponzu sauce.


Osaka  59 NIS

6pcs. of mini spicy tuna salad, served on crispy rice with chili pepper and oshinko



Soft Drinks  12 NIS

Coca-cola/ Cola zero/ Diet Cola



Singha Soda

Sprite/ Sprite Zero

Fuze Tea


Apple flavored water