Japenese Vegtables - 15 NIS

Cabbage, carrots, cucumber in a sweet Japanese marinade.


Miso Soup - 20 NIS

Tofu cubes, scallions, and wakame seaweed.

Agedashi Tofu - 32 NIS

Crunchy tofu cubes, scallions, grated ginger and radish, nameko mushrooms, togarashi, and cilantro.



Slices of seared sashimi and tobiko accompanied by the chef's sauce.

Salmon - 46 NIS / Tuna - 52 NIS


Tartar Salmon On a Bed Of Rice - 45 NIS

Salmon, avocado, asparagus, scallions, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame oil, and chili with soy sauce.


Spring Roll Salmon - 33 NIS

Rice paper with salmon tempura, bean noodles, Japanese mayonnaise, carrots, mint leaves, cilantro, basil and peanuts served with Sum Tam sauce.


Spring Roll Tofu - 30 NIS

Rice paper with tofu in panko, bean noodles, Japanese mayonnaise, carrots, mint leaves, cilantro, basil and peanuts served with Sum Tam sauce.


Inari Mushrooms And Truffles - 42 NIS

Fried soy dumplings filled with a mix of mushrooms, sushi rice and scallions served with aioli truffle sauce and yozu.


Shrimps Tempura - 40 NIS

5 pcs. of shrimp served on cabbage salad with sauce on the side.


Bau Bun-2 pcs.

Bun Salmon - Panko fried salmon, red and white cabbage, mint leaves,

cilantro, leek jelly, and peanut butter sauce - 42 NIS

Bun Tofu- Panko fried tofu, mint leaves, scallions, and orange marmalade - 34 NIS


Osaka - 49 NIS

6 pcs. tartar spicy tuna, Japanese radish (oshinko), tobiko, and chili oil served on a bed of crunchy rice.


Gyoza - 4 pcs.

4 Steamed dumpling with a filling of your choice

Chicken, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Soy-based Sauces (Thai Style) - 44 NIS

 Grouper, Mushrooms Truffles, Clear Fish Soup (Cream) - 48 NIS

 Shrimps, Crab Soup, Salmon Chunks, Distilled Butter - 48 NIS

 Mushrooms, Cabbage, Seasonal Veggies, Soy, Ginger - 42 NIS



Seaweed And Cucumber Salad - 25 NIS

Wakama seaweed, cucumber, glass noodles, sprouts, small radish, cherry tomatoes, roasted sesame seeds with sesame vinaigrette.


Roots Salad - 29 NIS

Beets, carrots, cilantro, mint leaves, scallions, roasted peanuts, wasabi peas, roasted sesame seeds with Ponzu sauce.


Japanese Coleslaw Salad - 34 NIS

Red cabbage, white cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, ginger, scallions, red bell pepper, cilantro, roasted peanuts, with peanut butter sauce and soured ginger.


Seviche Salad - 34 NIS

Salmon, Tuna, Red drum, Avocado, Cucumber, Chili, Fried Rice Noodles, Apple, Peanut, Coriander, and Tinzo Sauce





Wok 2 Wok


Pad Thai - 41 NIS

Glass noodles, white cabbage, carrots, scallions, sprouts, palm sugar, tamarind, peanuts, cilantro, and lime.


Salmon Fresh Noodles - 52 NIS

Salmon, egg noodles, crispy leek, basil, and almonds with red curry and coconut milk.


Add: Salmon - 14 NIS / Tofu - 9 NIS / Shrimp - 16 NIS


Special Sushi

Musariko - 44 NIS

Whitefish, avocado, wrapped in white fish, Ponzu sauce, and pepper.


Tuna Jalapeno - 52 NIS

Tuna, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, spicy chili, wrapped in tuna and wasabi peas.


Spicy Tuna - 52 NIS

Tuna, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko, wrapped in tuna.


Onagi - 65 NIS

Shrimps tempura, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber scallions, wrapped in avocado, and eel with teriyaki.


Bonsai - 39 NIS

Shrimp tempura, Fonzu sauce, scallions, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in salmon- 5p. Futomaki.


Shrimp Tempura - 46 NIS

Spicy mayonnaise, scallions, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in tobiko.



Baked Salmon - 42 NIS


Baked salmon, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in avocado with a glaze of teriyaki.


Toro Salmon - 46 NIS

Avocado, cucumber, scallions, Japanese radish (oshinko), spicy mayonnaise, tobiko, wrapped in salmon toro.


Salmon Skin - 42 NIS

Salmon skin, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, wrapped in avocado, and salmon in a glaze of teriyaki.


Sweet Potato Salmon - 44 NIS

Baked Salmon, sweet potato, Kanpyo (Japanese pumpkin), shitake mushroom, wrapped in scorched salmon, spicy mayonnaise, and roasted almonds.


Lemon Salmon - 42 NIS

Salmon, avocado, wrapped in salmon and lemon with miso sauce.


Boom Musar -44 NIS

Whitefish, spicy mayonnaise, scallions, and cucumber wrapped in whitefish and lemon.


Beet Tuna - 48 NIS

Red Tuna, spicy mayonnaise, and cucumber wrapped in beets.


Cheese Roll - 44 NIS

Salmon, cream cheese, scallions, avocado, wrapped in salmon a drop of cream cheese, and tobiko.


Whitefish Tempura - 44 NIS

White fish tempura, spicy mayonnaise, scallions, and avocado wrapped in tobiko.

Black Ninja - 46 NIS

Salmon, shitake mushroom, Japanese mayonnaise, chili oil, avocado, asparagus tempura, and tobiko.


Mushroom Crunch - 44 NIS

Champignon mushroom tempura, salmon, avocado, truffle aioli wrapped in tobiko.


Spicy Negi Tuna -54 NIS

Tartar spicy tuna, avocado, scallions, wrapped in seared white fish, and grated lime.


Foie Gras - 75 NIS

Salmon, avocado, oshinko wrapped in salmon and foie gras seared with teriyaki with Japanese mayonnaise


All In Yan - 56 NIS

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and shiitake mushroom wrapped in salmon and red drum


Sandwich Baked Salmon - 43 NIS

Baked salmon, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, scallions, and tempura flakes.


Crunch Toast Sandwich - 45 NIS

Salmon, Kampio (Japanese pumpkin), avocado, scallions, and cheese tempura.


Sandwich Tuna - 52 NIS

Red tuna, avocado, Tamago, scallions, wrapped in tempura flakes.


Fresh - 33 NIS

Sweet potato, Kampio (Japanese pumpkin), avocado wrapped in beets.


Sweet Roll - 35 NIS

Sweet potato tempura, scallions, teriyaki, avocado wrapped in roasted sesame seeds.


Tofuni -35 NIS

Tofu in panko, avocado, oshinko, Kampio, rapped in scallions.


Hamutzi - 33 NIS

Sweet potato, cucumber, scallions, wrapped in Lemon.


Sandwich Avocado - 37 NIS

Scallions, Kampio, sweet potato tempura, avocado, wrapped in tempura flakes.

Mix and Match


Maki (Seaweed on the outside- 2 ingredients) - 30 NIS

Inside Out (Rice on the outside- 3 ingredients)- 35 NIS



Fish: Salmon - Red Tuna - Whitefish - Shrimp

Vegetables: Avocado – Cucumber – Shitke – Sweet Potato – Tamago – Scallions – Kampio – Oshinko – Carrot



Tempura flakes – 3 NIS / Tobiko – 10 NIS / Salmon, Tuna, Whitefish – 13 NIS 

Lemon, Avocado, Beets, Sweet potato – 7 NIS / Fry in Tempura – 7 NIS / Cream cheese – 3 NIS





Salmon - 25 NIS

Salmon Toro - 29 NIS

Tuna - 31 NIS

Shrimp - 26 NIS

Whitefish - 25 NIS




Sweet Potato - 13 NIS

Avocado - 13 NIS

Tamago - 14 NIS

Salmon - 20 NIS

Whitefish - 21 NIS

Tuna - 23 NIS



Salmon, Avocado, Shitake - 20 NIS

Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado - 25 NIS

Shrimp Tempura, Salmon, Avocado, Tobiko And Yozu Sauce - 37 NIS


Sushi Bites

Nigiri Foie Gras- 43 NIS

2pcs. nigiri tuna, tataki Foie gras, teriyaki, and scallions.

Gunkan Spicy Tuna - 37 NIS

2pcs. rapped in salmon, spicy tuna on top, tobiko, and scallions.

Gunkan Caviar - 33 NIS

2pcs. rapped in salmon, caviar on top, and ponzu sauce.


Osaka - 55 NIS

6pcs. of mini spicy tuna salad, served on crispy rice with chili pepper and oshinko


Tataki Tuna - 52 NIS

Sliced and seared sashimi tuna with tobiko and ponzu sauce.

Tataki Salmon - 46 NIS

Sliced and seared sashimi salmon with tobiko and ponzu sauce.




Single Combo - 66 NIS

I/O roll salmon and avocado, I/O roll spicy tuna and cucumber, 2pcs. nigiri salmon


Double Combo - 200 NIS

I/O roll salmon and avocado, Baked Salmon Sandwich, I/O roll spicy tuna wrapped in tobiko, 3pcs white fish sashimi, 3pcs. salmon sashimi, 3pcs. tuna sashimi, 4pcs. nigari: tuna, salmon, whitefish, shrimp


Vegi Combo - 65 NIS

Sandwich avocado- scallions, Kampio, sweet potato, avocado, tempura flakes, I/O sweet potato, cucumber, Kampio, and scallions + maki shiitake and scallions


Nigiri Combo - 89 NIS

2pcs. salmon skin, 2pcs. salmon, 2pcs. tuna, 1pcs. white fish, 1pcs. tuna fugara, 1pcs. shrimp, 1pcs. sweet potato


Chirashi - 80 NIS

Sushi rice, Nuri, Kampio, sesame seeds, Tamago, scallions, tuna, white fish, salmon, shrimp, and caviar


Chirashi Salmon- 74 NIS

Sushi rice, Nuri, Kampio, sesame seeds, Tamago, scallions, and salmon





Soft Drinks - 12 NIS

Coca-cola/ Cola zero/ Diet Cola



Singha Soda

Sprite/ Sprite Zero

Fuze Tea


Apple flavored water